What are these things?

MirrorGear™ is a removable decorative accessory for your car or truck that lets your display your passion or personality wherever you go. MirrorGear’s™ patent-pending design fits side-view mirrors on most cars, trucks, and SUVs—without obstructing either driver’s or passenger’s visibility. Logos and designs are vividly showcased on machine-washable polyester/spandex material, so they conform to the unique shape of each auto’s mirrors.

Are they sold separately, or in pairs?

MirrorGear™ are sold in pairs, so one purchase gets you two MirrorGear, one for each of your car’s mirrors. Note: Our marketing crew wanted to run a “buy one, get one already in the package FREE” campaign. Ah, marketers . . .

How many sizes are there, and how do I choose one?

MirrorGear’s™ patent-pending design comes in three sizes: Standard, which fits most cars, light trucks, and small SUVs; Large, specifically designed for larger SUVs and pick-up trucks; and MEGA!, our oversized design that fits heavy duty pick-up trucks and vans. Theses are the vertical mirrors with two attaching arms. The story behind MEGA! is kind of cool, too. You can also refer to our MirrorGear™ Sizing Chart which is linked beside every one of our MirrorGear ™styles in our online store section www.mirrorgear.com/mirror-covers.

Can they get wet? How do I care for them?

MirrorGear™ are made from a blend of polyester and spandex, just like a swimsuit. So yes, they can be left on your car out in the rain, sleet, and snow and not be harmed. When they get a little road dirty, throw them in the washer on a delicate cycle and line dry. Just don’t feed them after midnight.

Can we order MirrorGear™ for fundraising?

Absolutely! We’d love to help out schools and non-profit organizations. Please contact us at info@mymirrorgear.com for more information.

Can I take them through a car wash?

MirrorGear™ are designed and constructed to withstand some pretty harsh driving conditions, but be sure to remove them before going through any kind of car wash. Those big scary tentacle-thingies will potentially tear MirrorGear™, and the detergent used in the car washes will be too abrasive.

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