About Us

Pride On The Side, Inc.

Pride On The Side is a developer of high-quality, uniquely designed automobile decorations that allow the enthusiasts to display their passions and personality wherever they go.

Our Mission

Pride On The Side is dedicated to becoming the premier provider of well-made products that make people smile when they put them on their car and when other people see them.

We will pursue and accomplish our mission by:


MirrorGear™ is our flagship product. MirrorGear™ is a removable decorative car mirror accessory that lets the enthusiast display their passions on their cars wherever they go.  MirrorGear’s™ patent-pending design fits sideview mirrors on most cars, trucks and SUVs–without obstructing either driver’s or passenger’s visibility.  Logos and designs are vividly showcased on machine-washable polyester/spandex material.  The Standard size fits most cars, light trucks and SUVs; the Large version is specifically designed for larger SUVs and pick-up trucks.  An over-sized design (MEGA!) fits the largest heavy-duty pick-up trucks.

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